Free Basic DI - 01 Practice Test - CAT 

Question 1

The following graph gives earnings of Mr. X on different days.On which pair of days was the average earnings the highest?

A. Mon ,Tues
B. Tues, Wed
C. Thurs ,Friday
D. Tues, Fri


Solution : D

Average earning of Tuesday and Friday is (450+650)2 =550 And it is the highest.

Question 2

The figure shown here gives the data about the origin (country) of bank lending to Asian countries. Use this graph to answer the question that follows. What was the combined lending (approx.) to Asia by these three countries in 2009?

A. $1.250 trn
B. $2 trn
C. $1.9 trn
D. $1.75 trn


Solution : D

In such questions, it is wiser to draw a reference line to get the accurate figure. It is shown below.

Total lending = 1.120 + 0.375 + 0.225 = $1.720 trn.

Among the options given in the question, (d) is closest to the Original answer.

Question 3

The graph shown at the right indicates the time taken by five people to travel various distances. On average, which person travelled the fastest?

A. Vinay
B. Ashank
C. Divya
D. Mohit


Solution : C

In this case, by observation we can conclude that Divya and Swapnil have covered the maximum distance. Also Divya and Vinay have taken the least time. Obviously, Divya has to be the fastest

Conventional Solution: - Average Speed = DistanceTime

Divya is the fastest.

Question 4

If the number of players who play other games is equal to number of female players who play Hockey. What is the ratio of number of male players in Hockey to players who are playing golf?

A. 1:1
B. 2:1
C. 1:2
D. 3:4


Solution : A

For the given question, you need not change degree into the percentage terms
Number of males players in Hockey = (Total number of players in Hockey – Others)
Number of males players in Hockey = (36 – 9) = 27
Hence, the required ratio = 1:1

Question 5

If number of tennis players is 150 and the male- female ratio of total number of players is 4:1. What is the minimum numbers of male players in cricket___


Solution :

Tennis Players = 54 = 15% =150 (Given)

Total number of players = 1000, Male = 800 and Female = 200

Cricket Players = 90 = 25% = 250

For minimizing the number of male Players, we need to maximize the number of female Players.

Maximum number of females in Cricket = 200; The minimum numbers of males in cricket = 50.

Question 6

The person who conducted the survey, by mistake, did not include some players. When they were included, the number of players who played cricket increased by 40% and while the number of hockey players saw an increase of 100%. If the number of players in all other games remained constant, what will be the degree of the tennis players in the corrected graph?

A. 350
B. 500
C. 450
D. 550


Solution : C

Let total number of players = 100

The number of players who played cricket = 25 and number of players who played hockey = 10

The number of players who played cricket increased by 40% and while the number of hockey players saw an increase of 100%, now total number of players who played cricket = 35 and total number of players who played hockey = 20, Now total number of players = 120

Angle made by the players who played tennis = 15120 × 360 =450.


Question 7

If the binder’s charges amount to 6000, then the expenses on the cost of promotion would have been what percentage of the profit if the revenue was 300% higher than the content development cost___


Solution :

Given 10% = 6000

So content development cost,30%= 18000

So Revenue= 4×18000=72000 (Since, it is given that content development cost is 300% higher)

Total cost = 60000

So profit = 12000

Promotion cost = (20100 × 60000=12000)

So promotion cost is 100% of the profit.

Question 8

What is the angle for the sector representing paper cost?

A. 26
B. 36
C. 45
D. 2412


Solution : B

Option (b).

10100 × 360 = 36,

Question 9

The graph above represents the value of one united  states Dollar (US )inIndianRupees.AtpointX,on15October2011oneUS cost approximately 52.2. Use graph to determine the approximate rupee value of one US $ on 15 jan 2012?

A. Less than 51
B. Between 53 to 54
C. Between 51 to 50
D. Between 52 to 53


Solution : D

By observation we can conclude that it is between 52 and 53.

Question 10

How many people like both SAMSUNG and SONY’s laptops but not DELL or HP laptops?


Solution :

Number of people common the square and the circle, outside the pentagon and triangle is 9.

Question 11

How many people like all the laptops?___


Solution :

The number common to all the four figures is 8.

Question 12

Use the table given to answer the question that follows. For which country has the ‘Latest Consumer prices’ shown the maximum percentage increase as compared to same period, an year ago.

A. Japan
B. Britain
C. Canada
D. China


Solution : D

The question asked is very simple, the answer can be straight away given from the table. This table might look very complex at the first glance, and you might be tempted to leave this question. But once you read the question, you’ll understand that there is actually nothing to be done here.

For the question asked, just look under the heading ‘Consumer Prices’. Under ‘Consumer Prices', look under 'latest ' and find out the country for which the absolate value is highest its highest for china and so that is our answer .

Question 13

In the bar graph shown here, the ratio of ‘Exchange-traded funds (Commodity)’ to ‘Exchange-traded funds (Fixed Income)’ was highest for which of the following years?

A. 2008
B. 2009
C. 2010
D. 2011


Solution : B

Just by observation, you can be sure that 2008 can be eliminated. Now among 2010 and 2011, the ‘Equity’ part is same for both of them. To have a higher ratio value, the ‘commodity’ part should be higher and ‘Fixed Income’ part should be lower. Thus among these two years, we can again eliminate 2011. The following table will give you the approximate value for years 2009 & 2010.

YearCommodityFixed IncomeRatio20090.040.200.2020100.020.160.125

We can see that the ‘commodity’ for 2010 is almost double that of ‘2009’ whereas the ‘fixed income’ part doesn’t have that much variation. Thus 2009 is the answer.

Question 14

In the oral healthcare market, Bolgate and Lipsudent are the market leaders. In the month of March, Bolgate and Lipsudent sold products worth Rs. x and Rs. 1.5x respectively. This value increased by 250% and 100% respectively for the month of April. Among the options given below, which graph depicts this data accurately?



Solution : A

We will first try to represent the data in a tabular format.


Now it will be easier to observe that (a) is the correct option.

Question 15

Use the line graph given here to solve the question: Among the options given, the combined percentage contribution of ‘Problem A’ and ‘Problem B’ towards ‘Biggest School problem’ is least for the year?

A. 1970
B. 1975
C. 1985
D. 2005


Solution : B

1970 = 12+18 = 30%

1975 = 10+15 = 25%

1985 = 10+19 = 29%

2005 = 10 +21= 31%