Free Basic DI - 02 Practice Test - CAT 

Question 1

For which of the following years, the total export from the 3 companies together are equal?

A. 1995 and 1998
B. 1996 and 1998
C. 1997 and 1998
D. 1995 and 1996


Solution : D

Total exports of the three Companies X, Y and Z together, during various years are:

In 1993 = Rs. (30 + 80 + 60) crores = Rs. 170 crores.

In 1994 = Rs. (60 + 40 + 90) crores = Rs. 190 crores.

In 1995 = Rs. (40 + 60 + 120) crores = Rs. 220 crores.

In 1996 = Rs. (70 + 60 + 90) crores = Rs. 220 crores.

In 1997 = Rs. (100 + 80 + 60) crores = Rs. 240 crores.

In 1998 = Rs. (50 + 100 + 80) crores = Rs. 230 crores.

In 1999 = Rs. (120 + 140 + 100) crores = Rs. 360 crores.

Clearly, the total exports of the three Companies X, Y and Z together are same during the years 1995 and 1996.

Question 2

What is the percentage change in the growth of exports of company Y in 1999 over that of company Z in 1999?

A. 16.6
B. 40
C. 60
D. 27.27


Solution : C

This is a change in percentage change question.

Growth of exports in 1999 for company Y = (140100100) × 100 = 40%

Growth of exports in 1999 for company Z = (1008080) × 100 = 25%

Percentage change = (402525) × 100 = 60%

Question 3

If Dell’s revenue in 2008 was 100 million rupees and HP’s and DELL’s revenues grew at the same rate from 2009 to 2011, find the revenue of HP in 2009?

A. 240 mn
B. 270mn
C. 288mn
D. None of these


Solution : A

Dell’s revenue in 2011 was 180mn. Then HP’s revenue in 2011 was 360mn and HP’s revenue grew at 50% from 2009 to 2011. So, HP’s revenue in 2009 = 240mn


               50% Increase

Question 4

If Dell’s revenue in 2008 was 237 million rupees and HCL’s overall revenue grew at the half the overrall rate of DELL, find revenue of HCL in 2010? (approx.)

A. 213
B. 171
C. 160
D. Cannot be determined


Solution : D

 From the given information we cannot find out revenue of HCL in 2010.

Question 5

If Dell’s revenue in 2009 was 120 million rupees and Sony’s revenue grew at the rate of 25% from 2009 to 2011, Find the ratio of Sony’s revenue in 2009 to that of DELL in 2010?

A. Less than 1
B. Greater than 2
C. between 1 and 2
D. Cannot be determined


Solution : C

Dell’s revenue in 2011 was 180mn. Then Sony’s revenue in 2011 was 270mn and Sony’s revenue grew at 25% from 2009 to 2011. Sony’s revenue in 2009 = 216mn and Dell’s revenue in 2010 = 150 mn.

Question 6

The percentage change in the number of vehicles manufactured by X over the previous year was highest in

A. 2000
B. 2002
C. 1999
D. 2001


Solution : D

The percentage changes are:

For 2000 = 14178141 = 44.6%

For 2002 = 159120120 = 32.5%

For 1999 = 1419999 = 42.4%

For 2001 = 1207878 = 53.8%

Question 7

In which of the following years, was the difference in the productions of Companies X and Y, the maximum among the given years ?

A. 1997
B. 1998
C. 1999
D. 2000


Solution : D

The difference between the productions of Companies X and Y in various years are:

For 1997 (139000 - 119000) = 20000.

For 1998 (120000 - 99000) = 21000.

For 1999 (141000 - 100000) = 41000.

For 2000 (128000 - 78000) = 50000.

For 2001 (120000 - 107000) = 13000.

For 2002 (159000 - 148000) = 11000.

Clearly, maximum difference was in 2000. (From the graph, we can be sure that answer is either 1999 or 2000. So we need to calculate only for those two years)


Visually,for the year 1997, there is a difference of 1( number of rows)

For 1998, 1

For 1999, 2

For 2001, 2.5 So the highest is for 2000

Question 8

For which of the given years is the growth in export over the previous year for tea almost equal to that of coffee?

A. 1989
B. 1990
C. 1991
D. 1992


Solution : D

On observing the graph closely, the question is about the parallelism of the two curves. We are being asked about the period in which the line graph for tea and coffee is most parallel. This happens for the year 1992.

Question 9

For which year does Tea export show the maximum growth over the previous year?

A. 1989
B. 1990
C. 1991
D. 1992


Solution : D

For 1991, it’s easy to say that the growth is negative. And between 1990 and 1992, it’s easy to observe that 1992 has witnessed a higher growth as compared to the previous year.

Question 10

Among Tea and Coffee, which crop witnessed higher export (in terms of volume) for the period 1989-1992?

A. Tea
B. Coffee
C. Cannot be determined
D. None of these


Solution : B

Shortcut: Except 1990, we can see that for each of the year between 1989-1992, coffee has higher exports as compared to tea. And for 1990, the higher production of coffee is compensated by much higher production of tea in other months. Conventional: We can calculate the exact export data for each year and then compare the two. We will still get the same answer

Question 11

Refer to the graph shown here. The higher the percentage share of income earned by top 1% of earners, the higher will be the “Economic disparity” in that country. In which of the following years, did the US witness lowest “Economic disparity”

A. 1920-30
B. 1930-50
C. 1913-30
D. 1970-90


Solution : D

From the given curve, it is evident that minimum share of income earned by top 1% of earners is lowest for the period 1970-90 and therefore in the same period, US witnessed lowest “Economic disparity”.

Question 12

For which region, the ES can be said to be VO?

A. Latin America
B. Middle East & Africa
C. Asia
D. North America


Solution : B

For Middle east & Africa, there is a continuous increase. Therefore, it satisfies the criteria for VO.

Question 13

For how many of the given regions, the ES can be said to be SO?

A. 2
B. 1
C. 5
D. 6


Solution : C

Except for Middle East & Africa, all regions witness “SO” Economic Sentiment. One possible mistake that you can make here is, you might include “overall” region in your answer. That has to be avoided.

Question 14

In the graph shown here, for how many countries the organ donations by ‘Living’ surpasses organ donations by ‘Deceased’?

A. 7
B. 6
C. 5
D. 8


Solution : B

For most of the countries, you can eliminate just by looking at the graph (E.g., Countries like Spain and Italy can be eliminated directly). The countries for which it is not so easy to figure out the exact answer just by plain observation, the following approach can be used.

Step 1- consider any country’s data. Now find out the total organ donations. For example, for Portugal it is 35.

Step 2 Divide 35 by 2; this will give you 17.5. Draw a divider line at the 17.5 mark as shown.

Step 3 - Now you just need to see if the data for ‘Deceased’ surpasses the 17.5 mark or not. If it surpasses, then this country’s data doesn’t match our requirement. Now move to the next country.

This way, we will find that the countries that satisfy the condition given are Britain, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey and Mexico. Thus 6 countries in all.

Question 15

In the figure shown here, there are 5 different shapes (A to E). Each shape represents the population of a village and the population is directly proportional to the area of that shape. (for eg, the population of village A is proportional to the area of shape A)

Now, assume that we want to draw a line graph to depict the population variation between the given villages. We have shown the line graph here in two of the possible ways (I and II). Which of these depicts the variation more accurately?

A. I only
B. II only
C. III only
D. None of these


Solution : A

Here the approach should be to eliminate the wrong answers. This way we will be able tom save time.

Let’s analyze curve II:

This shows min population for Village C, whereas the minimum is for E. Thus not possible.

Curve III:

In reality Village C has higher population than Village B. But this curve shows the reverse. Thus not possible.

Curve I:

It shows no deviation from the expected. Thus the answer.