Free DI and LR -21 Practice Test - CAT 

Question 1

Who among the five people are eliminated after the first round?

A. Milla and Kim
B. Zico and Parker
C. Zico and Blatter
D. Zico and Milla
E. Milla and Blatter


Solution : D

Option (d) 

Zico and Milla are eliminated in the first round as they each get 50% of the total vote from their continents.

Question 2

Who is the new President of FIFA?

A. Kim
B. Milla
C. Parker
D. Blatter
E. Zico


Solution : C

The person who gets least vote from other continents out of Kim, Blatter and Parker, goes on to be the new president of FIFA. Parker gets 0 votes from his home country, USA; this is the least. Hence, answer is option (c)

Question 3

What is the total number of votes that Kim gets from members of othercontinents?

A. 11
B. 10
C. 9
D. 8
E. 7


Solution : A

Option (a)

Kim, who is from Asia; gets 7+4=11 votes from other continents. Answer is option (a)

Question 4

What is the percentage of his total vote that winner gets from the members of other continents?

A. 72%
B. 65%
C. 68%
D. 82%
E. None of these


Solution : E

Option (e)

Parker gets 100% of his votes from other continents.

Question 5

The number of Tajik's who like Pop, R&B and Jazz music are at least

A. 15000
B. 12000
C. 18000
D. 24000
E. None of these


Solution : A

We need to find the minimum of all in a 3 set venn diagram which can be calculated using a shortcut as follows

Take the difference from 100 for each of the groups

Pop= 100-100 =0

R&B=100- 60=40

Jazz= 100-65=35

Sum of all the differences = 75.

Take the difference from 100 again to get the minimum = 100-75= 25%

Answer= 25% of 60000 = 15000. Option (a)

Question 6

The number of Turkmen's for whom exactly four of the six music forms are in vogue is at least

A. 2100
B. 6300
C. 10500
D. 21000
E. None of these


Solution : E

We need to find the minimum of exactly 4 out of 6. If we consider each of the sets to be represented as straight lines, what the question asks is to minimize the region of 4 lines of overlap. This means that we can make more than 4 lines or less than 4 lines overlap to the maximum possible.


If you notice the representation above, there is no region where 4 lines are overlapping, hence, the minimum region of 4 lines of overlap is 0. Option (e)

Question 7

The number of Kazakh's from whom at least two of the three music forms R&B, Jazz and country music is preferred are:

A. 8000
B. 7500
C. 6000
D. 6500
E. 5000


Solution : B

option (b)

We need to minimize the region of 2 and 3 areas of overlap, this means we need to maximize the region of only 1.

This can be shown in a conventional 3 set venn diagram as follows

For the area Kazakhstan

R&B= 75


Country music =90


The value is thus 75% of 10000= 7500. Using the line technique discussed in the previous question, we can determine the answer much faster


Question 8

At most how many of the people from Kyrgyzstan like exactly five of the six popular music forms?

A. 1300
B. 1950
C. 2000
D. 1820
E. None of these


Solution : D

option (d)

The last question asks us to maximize the region of exactly 5 out of 6. Using a conventional venn diagram, this is near-impossible to solve. Representing the circles as lines (using line technique) we can arrive at the answer with minimum effort 

The region of 5 lines of overlap can be maximum= 70%

Hence the answer is 70% of 2600 =1820. Option (d)

Question 9

A US citizen won a local raffle and decides to purchase three bikes a Honda, Yamaha and a Kwasaki. The cost of foreign travel and stay is not a consideration since it’s included free of cost towards his lottery win. Which country will result in the cheapest purchase, taking cost of poor quality into account? 

A. India
B. Thailand
C. Malaysia
D. Singapore


Solution : C

option (c)


India: 28500+2100=49500 USD

Thailand: 35000+16000=51000 USD

Singapore: 38000+13000 = 51000 USD

Malaysia: 29000+1800 = 47000 USD

Hence the cheapest package including the cost of poor quality is in Malaysiay in the four countries in US dollars:

Question 10

Approximately, what difference in amount in Bahts will it make to a Thai citizen if she were to get a Ducati from India instead of in her native country, taking into account the cost of poor quality? It costs 7500 Bahts for one-way travel Thailand and India. 

A. 23500
B. 40500
C. 57500
D. 67500
E. 75000


Solution : D

option (d)

The total cost of Ducati including poor quality:

India: 3000+ 5*1000 = 8000 USD

Thailand: 4500+6*1000 = 10500 USD

Difference: 10500-8000 = 2500 USD = 82225-15000≈ 67500 Bahts

Question 11

Taking the cost of poor quality into account, which country/countries will be the most expensive for a Kawasaki?

A. India
B. Thailand
C. Singapore
D. India and Singapore


Solution : A

option (a)

The cost of Kawasaki including poor quality, in four countries in USD

India: 17500 USD

Malaysia: 12000 USD

Thailand: 16000 USD

Singapore: 17000 USD

It is most expensive in India

Question 12

The rupee value increases to Rs.35 for a US Dollar, and all other things including quality, remain the same. What is the approximate difference in cost, in US Dollars, between Singapore and India for a Royal Enfield, taking change into account? 

A. 700
B. 2500
C. 4500
D. 8000
E. No difference


Solution : B

option (b)

Cost of Royal Enfield in India = (5500*40.928)/35 = 6431.55 = 6432 USD.

Royal Enfield cost in Singapore = 9000 USD. Thus required difference = 9000-6432 = 2568 USD = 2500 USD.

Question 13

If C and E interchange their positions, who are adjacent to B?    

A. D and E
B. C and D
C. C and H
D. C and E
E. Cannot be determined


Solution : D

Even if C and E interchange their positions, they are adjacent to B.Option (D)

Question 14

Who is sitting to the immediate left of A?

A. D
B. H
C. F
D. E
E. Either option (A) or (B)


Solution : B

H is to the immediate left to A.Option (B)

Question 15

Who is sitting opposite F?

A. B
B. E
C. G
D. Eitheroption (A) or (B)
E. Eitheroption (B) or (C)


Solution : A

B is opposite F.Option (A)

Question 16

Who is to the immediate left of B?

A. E
B. A
C. C
D. F
E. Eitheroption (B) or (C)


Solution : C

 C is to the immediate left of B.Option (C)