Free Knowing Our Numbers 01 Practice Test - 6th grade 

Question 1

Counting numbers are also called as:

A. Whole Numbers
B. Natural Numbers
C. Integers
D. Prime Numbers


Solution : B

As you started your count from 1, a set of natural numbers is obtained.

Natural Numbers = {1, 2, 3, 4, .......}

Question 2

Ram got 50 chocolates and he distributed all the chocolates among his friends. He is left with ___ chocolates. If we include the number representing the number of chocolates left with him to a set of natural numbers then we get a set of ________.

A. 0, natural numbers
B. 0, counting naturals
C. 0, whole numbers
D. 0, Integers


Solution : C

If Ram distributes all the chocolates to his friends, then he is left with nothing i.e with 0 chocolates. Whole numbers are set of natural numbers and 0.
W = { 0, 1, 2, 3, ... }

Question 3

You were asked to form the largest five digit number using digits 7, 8, 5, 4 and 9. There is no limit on repetition of digits. Then the largest five digit number formed will be _____.

A. 98754
B. 97854
C. 98574
D. 99999


Solution : D

The largest digit formed by given digits will be 98754, but there is no limit on repetition. So the largest number that can be formed will be 99999.

Question 4

Ajit was asked to form the largest and the smallest five digit number by using digits 4, 9, 7, 2 and 1 without repeating any of the numbers. What is the difference between the largest and the smallest number thus formed?

A. 84942
B. 88888
C. 83932
D. 84932


Solution : A

The largest number formed by using the given digits is 97421 and the smallest digit number formed is 12479. So the difference between them can be calculated as,
97421 - 12479 = 

Question 5

Vignesh bought 10 notebooks from the market and the cost was Rs.10 per notebook. Gautam got 7 notebooks of the same type. 

A: Vignesh calculated the total amount like this: 10×10+10×7=Rs.170


B: Gautam calculated the total amount like this: (10+7)×10=Rs.170

Which of the method is correct?

A. Vignesh's method is correct.
B. Gautam's method is correct.
C. Vignesh's method is wrong
D. Gautam's method is wrong.


Solution : A and B

Total cost can be calculated as

By first calculating the cost of individual purchase of both Vignesh and Gautam and then adding them

i.e. 10×10+10×7=Rs.170


First, calculate the total number of notebooks and then find the total cost

i.e. (10+7)×10=Rs.170

Hence, both the methods are correct.

Question 6

What is the value of XXX + XL?



Solution : C

We know that X = 10 and L = 50.

When a Roman numeral with the larger value is on the left, we add the values together and when it is on the right, we subtract the values.

XL = 40

Also, XXX = 10 + 10 + 10 = 30.

XXX + XL = 40 + 30 = 70

But, 70 = 50 + 10 + 10 = L + X + X = LXX.


Question 7

Pavan had  60 chocolates. He gave away 10 chocolates to Herman. Herman already had 55 chocolates. So who will have more chocolates finally?



Solution :

Pavan had 60 chocolates. He gave 10 to Herman, so he is left with 50 chocolates. Herman already had 55 chocolates, now he got 10 more from Pavan, so he has 65 chocolates in total. So Herman has more chocolates.

Question 8

If Pavan went to a market and bought 4 kg potato for Rs 20 per kg and 5 kg onion for Rs 40 per kg, then the total money spent by him is Rs.__


Solution :

Total money spent =20×4+5×40=280

So he spent Rs 280.

Question 9

The monthly expense of Pavan in the month of July was Rs 40,000 and in the month of June was Rs 35,000. If his monthly income is Rs 60,000. In which month did he save more?



B. July
C. Same in both the months.
D. Insufficient information


Solution : A

During the month of June, his expense was less so his savings will be more in the month of June.

Question 10

Sachin Tendulkar has scored 15921 runs in Test matches and 18426 runs in ODIs. Then he has scored more runs in Test matches.

Is the above stated statement correct?






Solution : B

We can compare two numbers by comparing their place values. So by comparing the place values, we can find that 18426 is greater than 15921. So, Sachin has scored more runs in ODI matches.