Free Knowing Our Numbers 02 Practice Test - 6th grade 

Question 1

The numbers which start from 1 are called _____.

A. Whole numbers
B. Natural Numbers
C. Integers
D. Prime Numbers


Solution : B

Natural numbers start from number 1.

Question 2

If Rajat said he will include zero with all the natural numbers, then he will get ____.

A. Natural numbers
B. Prime numbers
C. Whole Numbers
D. Integers


Solution : C

Whole numbers are the numbers starting from 0 and including all the natural numbers.

Question 3

Find the greatest and the smallest five digit number that can be formed by using 0, 8, 3, 9 and 2, assuming no digits are repeated.

A. Greatest- 98302, Smallest-02389
B. Greatest- 98320, Smallest-02398
C. Greatest- 98320, Smallest-20389
D. Greatest- 98320, Smallest-23809


Solution : C

Greatest number that can be formed using 0, 8, 3, 9 and 2 is 98320.

Smallest number that can be formed using 0, 8, 3, 9 and 2 is 20389.

02389 would not be the smallest number as it will be a 4 digit number formed by the given digits.

Question 4

Ram and Shyam were playing. Ram asks Shyam to form numbers with the digits 4,3, 8 and 1. He gives him three different cases as

i. Form the largest four digit  number with no repetition of digits. 

ii. Form the largest  four digit  where two digits can be repeated twice.

iii. Form the smallest four digit number where repetition of digits is allowed four times.

What are the numbers?

A. i-8431, ii-8443, iii-1111
B. i-8431, ii-8844, iii-1111
C. i-8413, ii-8344, iii-1348
D. i-8431, ii-8334, iii-1341


Solution : B

Four digit greatest number with no repetition of digits, is 8431

Four digit greatest number where a digit can be repeated twice  8844

Smallest four digits where repetition of digits is allowed - 1111

Question 5

A shopkeeper gives a discount of ₹ 12.50 on an article which costs ₹ 50. What is the selling price of each article?
(Round off the selling price of 11 articles to the nearest 10's).

A. Selling Price = 37.5, Round off value of the articles = 412.5
B. Selling Price = 37.5, Round off value of the articles = ₹ 410
C. Selling Price = 37.5, Round off value of the articles = 420
D. Selling Price = 37.5, Round off value of the articles = ₹ 412


Solution : B

Selling Price \(= ₹ ( 50 - 12.5) = 37.5\)

Selling price of 11 articles \(= 11\times 37.5 =  412.5\)

412.50 rounded off to the nearest tens is  410.


Question 6

Akash asked Pavan to find the value of 9999×(555). He says that it will be difficult to multiply as both of them are big numbers. Akash says that there is a simple way to find the product. He solves the problem using the concept of brackets. Which of the following will be the easiest way to solve this?

A. 9999×(555)=9999×(500+5)
B. 9999×(555)=(9000+999)×(500+5)
C. 9999×(555)=(100001)×(500+5)
D. 9999×(555)=(100001)×(555)


Solution : D

As 9999 is nothing but (10000 - 1) and it's very easy to multiply any number with a multiple of 10.

Easiest way  to solve 9999 × 555 will be (100001)×(555).

Question 7

Raman writes the time shown below in Roman numeral form. For example 10:05 is represented as X:V. Similarly, write time shown on the clock in Roman numeral form.

B. I:L


Solution : B

The time shown on the clock is 01:50. 01 in Roman numeral form is I. 50 in Roman numeral form is  L.

So 01:50 will be represented as I:L

Question 8

Goutham, Vignesh, Pavan, Herman and Kushagra went to arena to play Laser Tag. After the game was over they got score cards which showed the scores of each of them individually as shown below. Whose scored highest?



Solution :

We can compare two numbers by comparing their place values. So by comparing the place values, we can find that Goutham scored maximum i.e. 98910.

Question 9

Roni went to the market with Rs.1000. She bought a saree for Rs.375, a pair of shoes for Rs.155 and a shawl for Rs.285. How much money is left with her? Round it off to the nearest hundred and write the answer.


Solution :

Money Spent = 375 + 155 + 285 = 815

Money left = 1000 - 815 = 185

When it is rounded off to nearest hundred it will be Rs 200

Question 10

Pavan gave a number, 98429758, to Akash and asked him to find the difference between the numbers 2 and 7 in the based on place value. The difference will be ___


Solution :

In 98429758 place value of 2 is 20000 and place value of 7 is 700. So the difference between them will be 19300.