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This Privacy Policy is an inseparable part of the conditions of using the website and announcing the ways in which Education Services and Investment Joint Stock Company and its affiliates. selfstudy365 education, (Hereinafter referred to as "selfstudy365") collects, stores and processes personal information or data ("Personal Information") of members using the website of selfstudy365: https: // ("You") selfstudy365 is committed to protecting Your Personal Information, making every effort and using appropriate measures to provide information that You provide to selfstudy365 during use. This website is secure and protected from unauthorized access. However, selfstudy365 does not guarantee to prevent all unauthorized access. selfstudy365 privacy policy When You share information with selfstudy365, for example by creating an selfstudy365 Account, selfstudy365 can make those products and services even better, to provide You with a variety of convenient products and services. than. When You use selfstudy365 products or services, selfstudy365 wants You to know how selfstudy365 is using information and how You can protect your privacy. selfstudy365's policy on information security includes: What information selfstudy365 collects and why it is collected. How selfstudy365 uses that information. The choices that selfstudy365 provides, including how to access and update information. selfstudy365 strives to be as simple as possible. However, if You are not familiar with terms such as cookies, IP address and browser, then please refer to the annex on key terms first. Your privacy is important to selfstudy365. So whether you are a novice or a long time user, please take the time to learn about the privacy policy. And if you have any questions, please contact selfstudy365. first Information selfstudy365 collects. selfstudy365 collects information to provide you better products and services, from finding out basic information such as personal information: first and last name, gender, date of birth; Contact information: phone number, mailing address, email address; Information about payment: transfer information, scratch card number; or personal information is automatically generated when you use the website such as: IP information, cookies, website login ... selfstudy365 collects information in the following ways: Information You provide to selfstudy365. For example: When You register for an account, selfstudy365 will ask for personal information, such as your name, email address, phone number, mailing address, school, class, photo, to store with your account. Information selfstudy365 collects from your use of selfstudy365 products and services. selfstudy365 collects information about the products and services that You use and Your usage, such as when You use products or services on the selfstudy365 website, visit selfstudy365's blogs, forums; Interact with content on the selfstudy365 fanpage or contact selfstudy365 on 1900 6933. This information includes: Device Information. Log information, including: Details of how You use selfstudy365 products or services such as your video lecture history. Phone system log information such as your phone number, caller number, forwarding number, call time and date, SMS routing information and call type. Device crash information such as errors, system activity, hardware settings, browser type, browser language, the date and time of your request, and referral URL. Location information: The selfstudy365 Lecture application can store information about Your settings (e.g. operating system type or usage time) that can be sent to selfstudy365 when You install or uninstall a selfstudy365 application or when Such products or services periodically contact selfstudy365's servers, for example, to obtain automatic updates. Cookies and similar technologies: selfstudy365 uses a variety of technologies to collect and store information when You access selfstudy365's products or services. This may include the use of cookies or similar technologies to identify Your browser or device. selfstudy365 also uses these technologies to collect and store information when You interact with services that selfstudy365 provides. Cookies cannot read information on Your hard drive or information of cookies sent by other Web sites. Cookies are harmless to your system. You can also choose to decline all incoming cookies. If you choose to do so, some features of selfstudy365 as well as other websites will not work properly. Information selfstudy365 collected when You are signed in to selfstudy365, in addition to information selfstudy365 obtained about You from its partners, may be linked to Your selfstudy365 Account. When information is linked to Your selfstudy365 Account, selfstudy365 will treat that information as personal information.