Lateral communication is between :

Lateral communication is between :
| Lateral communication is between :

A. Supervisor and other subordinates 

B. Equals

C. Subordinates and superiors

D. Plain workers and Supervisors

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Right Answer is: B


Formal communication
It refers to official communication taking place in the organization. For example, communication may take place between a superior and subordinate, a subordinate and superior, or among the same cadre of employees or managers.
Types of formal communication:

(A). Horizontal communication: 

  1. Communication that takes place among any employees on the same organizational level, is called lateral communication, it is also known as horizontal communication.
  2. In today’s dynamic environment, horizontal communications are frequently needed to save time and facilitate coordination.
  3. For example, a production manager may contact the marketing manager to discuss the schedule of product delivery, product design, quality, etc.

(B). Vertical communication:

  1. It flows vertically, i.e., upwards or downwards through formal channels. 
  2. Upward communication is a flow of communication from subordinate to superior whereas downward communication is a communication from a superior to subordinate.
  3. The examples of upward communication are – application for grant of leave, submission of progress report, request for grants, etc. Similarly, the examples of downward communication include – sending a notice to employees to attend a meeting, ordering subordinates to complete assigned work, passing on guidelines framed by top management to the subordinates, etc.

Therefore, Lateral communication is between Equals.